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Michael-John Wolfe is a part time freelance photographer who has sold hundreds of his images online. He is a working actor and has had supporting roles opposite Tom Cruise in "Collateral", Brad Pitt in "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" and most notably, he portrayed Cary Grant in Martin Scorsese's "The Aviator". You can find his name in the credits of these films.

In his spare time, Michael-John is addicted to finding legitimate sources of residual income and ways to make money online. Whether it is through paid online surveys or freelance writing - he is always looking for these type of opportunities.

Michael-John is also adept at writing articles on a multitude of topics. Some of his specialties include health, football, fantasy football, fly fishing, travel, holidays, golf, acting, photography, marketing, limousines (Michael-John owns a Denver Limousine company and a Colorado Springs Limousine and Colorado Springs Limo services.) , country music, weddings, work at home jobs, money making and more.
Canon xti 10 Megapixel Digital Rebel. Full Lighting and Studio. Outdoor and Tabletop work.
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Outdoor & Tabletop - unique ideas!

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