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How did I get myself into photography? I have heard this question many times from my friends and acquaintances. Most of the times, I heard it from the people that know me the best. All the time I come up with reasons and circumstances, each time a different one. Why should I make them up? Maybe because I do not have the right answer even for myself. Every time when I phase this question I find new reasons for which I became who I am now. The thing is that only 2 ½ years ago I did completely opposite things that did not have anything to do with art. Do not get me wrong, I photographed like all normal people: birthdays, pets, trips…but thoughts about getting myself into professional photography never crossed my mind. Most likely, photography found me and tried to penetrate its way into my heart, even once giving me a 3.2 pixel Olympus which only had room for 6 photos. One time, it sent me into the night city and made me look up at a pole that had an ad for those interested in photography school, which, of course, I ignored…But somehow it stayed in my subconsciousness. Then there were text messages..or maybe even before the pole…Now, I do not recall the details. Then there were loads of books and even more websites…Photography school…My baffled view of an amateur, an amateur that happened to be alone in a big city... I had fallen asleep with books and woke up reading them…There were moments even at night that I dreamt of diaphragms and millimeters ( I have witnesses), there were people that felt all the burden of a human that wants to photograph everything the world has to offer, does not matter what, just to capture…For that I am very grateful to them! There are many different aphorisms about the subject “what does photography mean for me”, and everyone tries in his/her own way to explain to the world around them “their way of photography”. What about me? Well, once I read in a magazine, I am not going to lie, words of one photographer: “When I travel to a different country, I always take a photo album. Family photos, pet photos, nature photos…Often, language of the photos can easily compensate the unknown language. Those photos make me who I am, they are my identity. Through them people can see me, even without any words”. I cited this from memory…So there…Photography is my language, my expression, a discovery of my inner world. And believe me, even if you put away your camera and
Nikon D200
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