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WELCOME to my little corner of the WEB. My photo's are a continual work in progress.

I have no rhyme or reason for the subjects that I choose, I literally shoot from the hip. Point and Shoot photography is an enjoyable way to make a travel trail of memories.

Having a ten year career in the Printing and Publishing business, helped me develop my desire for photography. These years spanned from the 60's to the early 70's when digital art was only a dream. I began my journey my senior year of High School, working at my Boarding School Print Shop. I operated a Job Press and proof read material rendered from a Linotype. I imagine these machines are now entered into a Press History Museum along with the Gutenberg Press.

When moving to Atlantic Union College in South Lancaster, Massachusetts, I continued as the proofreader for the book publications department. That included preparing photos for line cuts for the letterpress and editorial layout. Line cuts now would probably be considered an art form. We were just leaving the letterpress era and marching into offset printing. I still love the smell of printers ink and the feel of a hot print right off the press.

After moving to the midwest in the early 70's, I worked for Iowa State University for several years in the Publishing Department. I managed the Dark Room, and operated a large computerized format camera. I shot the pictures and processed the negatives. Masked the negative layout for the publication. The final part of this timely process was burning the negatives onto a metal plate and rubbing a pink chemical to bring up the half-tone images onto the plate, let it dry and then give to the pressmen. To this day I still use a Pica Stick as opposed to a ruler, some things are hard to give up! Was proud to be a part of this era and be able to watch and experience the change in printing and photography.

Digital art then came into play, and since then photography can be anyone's pleasure. Snap and shoot and ready to go, a fast world we live in.

Hope you enjoy looking at some of my captures as much as I enjoyed taking them.
Canon Power Shot A70 Panasonic DMC-TZ5 Nikon Coolpix S9300
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